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Muscle Physiology

Demonstrates Classic Muscle Physiology.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Physiogrip is that it allows one to demonstrate human physiology using human muscle, instead of the muscles of frogs or rats. Physiogrip combines a specially designed displacement transducer and a sophisticated software program to make the acquisition, storage, and analysis of classical muscle contraction phenomena incredibly simple without vivisection. Muscle movement and stimulus voltages can be graphed so that the stimulus and the contraction that occurs can easily be correlated. Muscle excitation is achieved by stimulating the flexor digitorum through the surface of the arm. An Isolated Square Wave Stimulator (sold separately and available through us) is required for transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the muscle.

more about mcaddam2All Intelitool products for Windows or Macintosh computers interface using the McADDAM II Data Acquisition System. The McADDAM II is a fast, accurate and versatile multi-channel analog to digital converter which gives you high quality and reliable data.

Physiogrip is simple and exact. Designed specifically for Muscle Physiology, Physiogrip not only fulfills visual desires, but allows one the added benefit of:

  • Adding notes to a data file with automatic zoom to the specific data the note is for.
  • Zooming abilities on each graphic.
  • The ability to graph velocity as well as amplitude.
  • The ability to view amplitude of stimulus as well as response.

Look for yourself and see how easy and powerful Physiogrip is. (Click on any thumbnail to see a larger and clearer image.)

physiogrip screen capture
As with all of Intelitool’s products, Physiogrip gives you simple “drag and drop” configuration capabilities. For example, to tell the software which input channels you will be using on the McADDAM II interface, just drag the appropriate icon onto the input channel you want to use.

To tell the software which serial port you will be using, drag the McADDAM II icon onto the COMM port the McADDAM II is cabled to.


physiogrip screen capture
As with all of Intelitool’s products, transducer calibration is simple and quick. All of the instructions are on screen, including helpful pictures.


physiogrip screen capture
This data view was made after the liminal and maximal stimulus levels were found. This particular width was selected with the Zoom tool so that the entire stimulus ramping can be seen.

Notice how easy it is to see that the stair stepping of the response correlates to the increasing stimulus voltage.

physiogrip screen capture
The above data window shows an example of a classic single muscle twitch.

The latent period is measured between the two markers.


physiogrip screen capture
Smart Notes ARE POWERFUL!!! Notes not only contain the text you type into them, but they also "remember" the zoom position and marker positions at the time you made the note.

To make a note, simply click on the "New Note" button. After clicking on the "New Note" button, a small window will appear in which you can enter a title for the note as well as any text in the text field. After closing the note, it will automatically appear in the Notes menu. Whenever a note is selected from the note menu, not only will the note appear, the data view will zoom to where you were viewing the data and the markers will be in the position they were when you made the note. When you get the notes the way you like them, they can be locked so that the data file can be distributed and no one can change the notes on you. You can lock and unlock your notes with a password of your choice.

The features of Physiogrip for Windows and soon to be released Macintosh version include:

  • Smart Notes - This feature allows you to add text to a data file. When the note is opened the graph will automatically zoom to the same view of the data as when you made the note and all measurement tools will be in place exactly as you placed them when you made the note.
  • Stimulus Voltage Display - The strength of the stimulus can be displayed and measured as well as the response.
  • Clear Colorful Graphics - The data displays as well as the analysis tools are all colorful, clear and easy to understand.
  • Clipboard Support - The image of any analysis window can be copied to the clipboard and then pasted into another application. This makes it easy to incorporate data as well as analysis information into lab reports, etc.
  • Hardcopy Output - Printouts can be obtained for all data analysis windows.
  • Data Export - Physiogrip data can be saved in standard annotated 'TEXT' files so data can be used with other Windows applications. For example, you can now view the raw data in a word processing application or perform additional calculations on the data using a spreadsheet application.
  • Multiple Window Interface - Multiple, re-sizable data acquisition windows can be open at any one time.

Try Physiogrip today and see how it can improve your labs!

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